Aluminium & Cast Hoppers

Aluminium Hoppers

Rainmen Seamless Aluminium Gutters are great a looking and cost-effective solution. They are roll-formed on site from sturdy pre-coated aluminium coil to the precise size of your building.

Rainmen Seamless Aluminium Gutters are supplied in the standard 5” (125mm) ogee profile, which is a good visual match for traditional cast iron and wooden gutters, without the maintenance problems that come with those earlier materials.

Rainmen Seamless Aluminium Gutters have a much higher capacity than conventional half-round domestic plastic gutters and are able to deal with much heavier rainfall.

As such, they are suitable both for domestic properties and many larger commercial and industrial properties.

Being seamless, there are no joints in the running length – and no joints means no leaks. And because these gutters are factory-finished in a highly durable coating, they do not need painting.

Available finishes: black, brown, white and grey. See brochure. Call today for free, no-obligation quotation.

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