Five Terraced Houses Uppermill, Saddleworth

Seamless Gutter Replacement Project: five terraced houses Uppermill, Saddleworth

Maintenance issues stemming from being connected to other properties are a perennial problem for residents of terraced houses. Guttering is, of course, highly significant amongst these: the connection between one gutter and the next is always a potential weak point, especially if gutter profiles don’t match. And even when they do, the connections to and between wooden gutters are always fallible. The solution: Rainmen Seamless Aluminium Gutters.

We took down a hotchpotch of leaking old gutters and fabricated on site a single gutter, made to the precise measurements the whole length of the terrace. That’s right!: the whole block of five houses now has just one gutter on the front and one on the back, so there are no joints on the run of the gutter and none between houses – it is one single seamless length, and ‘no joints’ means ‘no leaks’.

This is in Uppermill in Saddleworth, in the hills above Oldham, so it was important that the gutter wasn’t only functional and effective, but looked right too, in context. And that was no problem, because Rainmen Seamless Aluminium Gutters are a great match for old wooden and cast iron profiles and they blended in perfectly with the town’s vernacular architecture.

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