Traditional Saddleworth Building

Smart New Seamless Aluminium Gutters on Traditional Saddleworth Building

We replaced the leaking old wooden gutters on this iconic old building – the former Saddleworth Bank on The Square in Dobcross. The joint on the existing guttering between what are now two private homes had been leaking, causing damp and damage to the stonework. The vestiges of this are still just visible in the photograph at the halfway point. Using Rainmen Seamless Aluminium Gutters, we were able to put one whole tailor-made length across the complete frontage of the two houses, with no joints. The leakage problem will never return.

As this is a well-known Pennine beauty spot with many listed buildings, it was also important to replace the existing gutter with something in keeping with the traditional look of these beautiful old stone Yorkshire houses. Rainmen’s Seamless Aluminium Gutters are made in the long-established 5-inch Ogee design – an excellent match for the old wooden gutters, but without the maintenance problems. The guttering was supplied factory coated in black, to match the existing and fit in with the customary look of the area.

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